New Book to Showcase 50 Best Practices of Sustainable Towns

Sustainability Solutions:

50 Best Practices for Towns & Cities

Go Green Culture Foundation, based in Maui, Hawaii, is writing a book to advance the art & science of sustainability. The book is an archive of proven and demonstrated sustainability best practices from localities around the world.
The new book is titled: Sustainability Solutions , 50 Best Practices of Leading Communities from Around the World ~ A Guidebook to Help Your Town, City, or County Make the Green Shift in 10 Years or Less ~

Go Green Sustainability Solutions Book

When this new book is published, communities across the U.S. will be empowered to adapt and implement dozens of verified projects per year that can generate millions of dollars of new and Green positive cash flow. This becomes a major economic & ecological windfall for leaders of up to 27,000 municipalities who are ready to learn from these validated success scenarios.

Most Green leaders across the country tell us that their conservative mayors and city councils need access to confirmed sustainability projects for lower-risk, lower-cost, and easier-to-implement projects. This is exactly what we are providing with our Sustainability Solutions book project.

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Go Green is encouraging towns to use the book as a guide to help them achieve the goal of community sustainability (with net positive Green cash flow) in 10 years or less. The Go Green team plans to update the research book over the coming 10 years with additional best practices & new sustainability success stories each year.

The initial response from Sustainability Directors across the US has been overwhelmingly positive. The Go Green team is working to get the book finished by mid-December of this year. The 2017 edition will be offered (by donation) as a self-published product.

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Everyone wants to do what they can to help create a sustainable world for our children and grandchildren. There are two ways you can help us to complete this important research by the end of the year. Several inspired sustainability advocates made recent donations of $5,000 to $20,000 to launch the book project, for which we are very grateful.  We encourage our other fellow sustainability professionals and average citizens to step up to support this project.

You can help make certain that towns and cities across America realize millions of dollars in sustainability earnings & savings next year and beyond when you donate to our NEW crowd-funding campaign by clicking   www.SustainabilitySolutions.US or on infinity logo up and to the right.

You can also become a supporting monthly Go Green Member for as little as $3 or $5 per month to get access to our organization’s web site, research, blogs, and future newsletters. Donate Now!

Thank you for being an individual or organization who is helping to advance the art & science of sustainability.

Article by: Gerry Dameron

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