Mission Statement

The mission of the foundation and the Go Green Institute is to advance the art and science of sustainability for people and communities on the local level, world-wide.  We are dedicated to researching and sharing proven Best Practices of leading sustainable communities from around the world with other dedicated Local Green Leaders who are committed to achieving a prosperous, socially just, and environmentally protected culture for our future generations.  Go Green believes that this local Green shift has now become an inspirational cultural imperative, for all peoples everywhere.  When we share Best Practices, new green economic growth with new Green Collar Jobs can expand quickly and efficiently as we accelerate the processes for smoothly implementing proven and already-demonstrated sustainability projects and programs.  Through our 10 Pillars of Sustainability, your town, city, or county can organize and implement a customized Sustainability Action Plan for achieving a“broad-based” sustainable community in 10 years or less.  When we know what to do, and we understand that doing the right thing for our fellow citizens and for our precious local ecology actually MAKES MONEY for our citizens and for local government, communities everywhere can say YES to Going Green now.  Let’s Go Green together.  Contact us at Action@GoGreenCulture.org to learn more.

Go Green Sustainable Eco-Village of the Future.
The mission of the Go Green Culture Eco-Village of the Future project is to design and build a compelling and enduring template/demonstration of a 21st century eco village that thrives as an autonomous, prosperous, and sustainable village while being a showcase for Best Practices of sustainable villages from around the world. The eco village encompasses a thoroughly designed community on 200+ acres of land with advanced climate-appropriate architectural building design, 100% renewable energy powered micro-grid with energy storage backup, 100 acres of permaculture food forest and diversified agriculture, a dozen or more zero-emission electric cars and trucks that are run 100% on renewable energy, fully designed water supply systems, and underground interconnection between all the dwellings and buildings with a hard-wired intra-net and electrical system.
The Eco Village will host the Go Green Institute and 60 Go Green Fellowships for scientists, researchers, writers, and videographers working to advance the art and science of sustainability world-wide. Each of the 120 Communitarian resident fellows brings exceptional knowledge, talents, energy, and an attitude of personal responsibility to contribute to a collaborative community which is both self-governing and entirely egalitarian.
The Communitarian residents enjoy private dwellings, use of the electric vehicles, and organic dinners 6 nights a week as they fulfill 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year fellowships at the institute.

Go Green Institute for Sustainable Living Communities
The mission of the Go Green Institute is to establish and support a world-class sustainability teaching and learning center to serve Visiting conference and retreat Visitors or Delegates from around Hawaii and from around the world. The Go Green Institute provides four-day and five-day educational and experiential conferences and retreats in the evolving art and science of Sustainable Living Communities.
Along with the retreats, the outreach program of the Go Green Institute is supplemented by their web site, monthly webinars, membership programs, consulting services, and weekend retreats for local sustainability practitioners and enthusiasts.
Up to 240 retreat Delegates or Visitors learn while living on the grounds of the eco-village community. The tax deductible donations from retreat Delegates throughout the year provide the primary financial engine that maintains and sustains the not-for-profit Institute and community-village.
Authors, content experts, and sustainability pundits are flown in to Hawaii during the conferences and retreats to supplement the knowledge trust of the Go Green Institute Fellows and executive staff.