Could 2016 turn out to be the Year of Sustainability?

Could 2016 turn out to be the Year of Sustainability?

This past year has brought us several amazing advancements in the world of sustainability. We at Go Green believe that global awareness has finally reached the level necessary to spark major new actions for a more livable, safe, and prosperous future. Here are 3 exciting indicators of an accelerating shift towards sustainability:

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  • At the COP 21 gathering in Paris this past month, we saw 185 countries sign on for unprecedented global commitments to combat climate change and to support new actions for a more sustainable world. Although the agreement is far from perfect, the prospects in 2016 for dramatic political, social, and economic change with respect to the environment have never been stronger than in the aftermath of COP 21.
  • Against all predictions, the US Congress passed a landmark 5-year extension of the Federal tax credits to support major increases in renewable energy. Financial investment in all levels of renewable energy, such as commercial-scale solar energy and industrial-scale wind power, will provide more robust financial returns than expected to those communities who take advantage of these opportunities. With solar and wind power capacity recently exceeding 70 GW, these leading two renewable technologies have now proven themselves as reliable ways to generate clean and green carbon-free electricity, and often at prices that are below those of dirty and dangerous fossil fuels. The tax credits for 2016 to 2021 are positioned to make these money-saving renewable energy investments by corporations, municipalities, and eco-smart citizens even smarter. This action is also expected to create tens of thousands of new Green Collar jobs across the US over the coming 5 years.
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  • Hundreds of sustainability professionals will be gathering in Maui, Hawaii for the first ever Sustainability Summit to be held in Feb, 2017. Joining them will be hundreds to thousands more leaders, workers and community activists participating by Live Streaming from their home towns. These sustainability leaders and workers will be collaborating to learn and share demonstrated and proven best practices by innovative communities and companies who are charting the way for a more prosperous and resilient future. The Sustainability Summit Delegates will be sharing data that suggests that investments in sustainability are paying for themselves more quickly every year in the face of rising challenges in the areas of climate and economy. If your organization seeks to implement competitive advantages for the future, join our other Delegates at the Sustainability Summit 2017 to learn how.

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Article by: Gerry Dameron

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