Learn the 10 Pillars of Sustainability

Reasons to Go Green in 2016

At Go Green we believe that 2016 is going to be an exciting year for sustainability.

With the Paris COP accords in place, solar power costs continuing to drop, and the Federal tax credits for renewable energy extended, there is a new level of opportunity for what is possible.

Whether you are a corporation, a municipality, or a university, your organization has new opportunities for financial benefit as you move towards: lower energy costs, a lower carbon footprint, and greater sustainability leadership.
Go Green is here to support you on all this and more.

ecosystem solar panel

Over the coming year, Go Green will be offering weekly blogs on practical (and proven) solutions in sustainability. You can learn about the 10 Pillars of Sustainability, which are practical categories for sustainable action from renewable energy and green transportation to local harvest food and eco-system protection. Benefits of joining Go Green as a member include access to instructive YouTube videos, new documentaries, and free access to the Top 100 Best Practices of Sustainability on line.

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Article by: Gerry Dameron

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