Go Green Culture Foundation is raising funding in early 2018 to help 1000 families across Maui plant new food producing trees at their homes. With 1000 new Ulu (Breadfruit) & Coconut trees being planted this year, families will have another convenient and low-cost strategy in the future for improving family food security in our Maui community. As you probably know, both the Ulu and Coconut trees have robust nutritional value as well as many practical household uses.

Go Green is so grateful to be working with John Cadman (of Pono Pies) ahighly knowledgeable expert on local tree resources, to make this worthwhile and fun project a reality.



Along with propagating more robust local food production, this project is also being launched to help us raise awareness of an important new goal to be established this year. Did you know that about 90% of all our island’s food is imported from 3000 to 6000 miles away on cargo ships? Because of this, Maui and Hawaii face an increasingly worrisome challenge for food security. If those ships were to stop, it is said that Maui would have only 3 days of food supplies to feed all our people. This is dangerous and it is certainly not sustainable. The solution? More fresh, healthy, abundant, and affordable local food supplies, grown right here on Maui and across Hawaii, where we have the benefits of a year-round growing season, excellent volcanic soils, and an increasing army of young organic farmers ready to turn Maui into an abundant food supplying region. We believe that 2018 is the year to really start to make this important change. Even Governor Ige understands this food self-sufficiency crisis, as he proclaimed an admirable starting goal last year to do whatever is necessary to double our grown-in-Hawaii food from 10% to 20%. As ambitious and admirable a goal as that is, we at Go Green Culture Foundation are inviting dozens of other organizations and thousands of local individuals to join us in saying that now is the time to set a bigger goal to make Maui 80% to 100% self-sufficient by 2030. This gives us 12 years to achieve this historic shift to local/regional food self-sufficiency. If we are to become secure with abundant, safe, healthy, and affordable fresh local food, we need to set the goal and start now. Our tree planting project is a FUN way to support more awareness, and inspire enthusiasm for this new and exciting goal to achieve 80% to 100% food security for our island’s citizens and visitors by 2030.

To become a donating sponsor of this highly worthwhile local food project, please contact us via email.  You can also leave us a phone message at: (808) 298-0889. We are seeking 50 local sponsors at $250 to $1000 each to help us plant these trees in the yards of 1000 families across Maui, this year.

Here’s to Local Food Self-Sufficiency for Maui by 2030!