Go Green Culture Foundation is raising funding in early 2018 to help 1000 families across Maui plant new food producing trees at their homes. With 1000 new Ulu (Breadfruit) & Coconut trees being planted this year, families will have another convenient and low-cost strategy in the future for improving family food security in our Maui community.
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Book Project ~ Sustainability Solutions: 50 Best Practices from Around the World

Our research team is identifying and publishing 50 Top Best Practices of sustainability communities from around the world. It is time for us to share what is already working in sustainability. This archive of proven and demonstrated success stories is available to the 27,000 towns, cities, and counties of the USA, all of us can learn and advance our local sustainability programs ten times faster. The book is titled: Sustainability Solutions: 50 Best Practices from Around the World and will be available after March 1, 2019. The 50 Best Practices will be shared at the Sustainability Summit 2019.

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Take Action: Submit a Sustainability Success Story

Submit your Sustainability Success Story and help advance the Art and Science of Sustainability. Your submission will make your organization eligible to potentially be selected for a Green Hero Award. Winning submissions will be presented at the Sustainability Summit 2019  to be held in Maui, Hawaii July 8-13, 2019. Win a Go Green Hero Award by submitting a Sustainability Success Story!
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Go Green Generosity Campaign

Go Green has launched a crowd funding campaign called Help GoGreen Advance the Art & Science of Sustainability on the Generosity website by Indiegogo. Go Green Institute is embarking on a world-changing 9-month research and writing project to identify the top 50 Best Practices of Sustainable communities from around the world.
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The Sustainability ‘Solutions’ Summit 2019

is a gathering for professionals, government workers, & NGO executives who are gathering in Maui, Hawaii from July 8-13, 2019. You’ll hear international speakers and share Best Practices from the leading sustainable communities from around the globe.
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The Go Green Eco Village

Go Green plans to build an advanced sustainable eco village of the future on over 200 acres of land with 100% renewable energy, advanced sustainable dwellings, 99 acres of permaculture food forest and diversified organic biodynamic agriculture, collaborative economics, free holistic healthcare for all fellows, zero-emission electric vehicles and trucks, and a sustainability retreat education center.  Land acquisition is anticipated in early 2020, with ground breaking later in the year.



The Go Green Institute

60 international fellows based in Hawaii will be working together to research and archive the Top 50 Best Practices of Sustainable Communities from around the world. Researchers, writers, scientists and video-graphers will live on the Go Green Eco Village and work together to advance the Art & Science of local and global sustainability.

 Go Green Film Series

Go Green Team Maui will soon begin monthly screenings of award winning new (and old) films showcasing topics related to sustainable communities and progressive eco villages from around the world.  Come share organic GMO-free popcorn, excellent films, and active discussion of how the information can be applied in your local community.   Contact us if you would like to host a Go Green Film Series (or weekend Go Green Film Festival) in your local area.  We suggest getting local sponsorship so admission can be Free.



Sustainable Music Festivals

Team Maui will be presenting Go Green Concerts on a periodic basis by renowned local and international musicians.  These events provide our growing sustainability community with the chance to meet up and to celebrate our steady progress towards sustainability with music, art, and culture.  Success that get’s celebrated, gets repeated!  In fact, Neil Young recently played at our local OutGrow event in Lahaina, Hawaii!  You too can organize gatherings in your region to connect sustainability leaders and citizens who are ready to build a future lived in harmony with nature and with each other.