What renewable energy means for you ?

Whether you are a corporation, a government or municipal group, or a family or individual, getting 3 (or more) bids on any renewable energy project for your facility or home is usually the best way to explore the many options for a smart 2016 RE investment in your region.

What does this mean for you if you are a corporation or a business?

According to Hervé Touati, a managing director at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), “2015 has proven a record-setting year, with more than 3 gigawatts of wind and solar transactions signed by corporate buyers, compared to 1.2 gigawatts in 2014. Despite this incredible success (increase), less than 20 corporations have been active in this space since its inception. This is just a start…” Now your corporation or company can win big in 2016 by investing in rooftop solar or by buying into a commercial wind project in your region. With the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) and PTC (Production Tax Credit) there are several compelling financial options to have your net payback period on a renewable energy investment drop to an amazing 2 to 6 years (50% to 16% annual ROI) on average. And after the payback period, your corporation will be consuming essentially FREE and GREEN electricity while dramatically lowering your carbon footprint. And don’t forget what customers want – to buy from ecologically responsible businesses, so you will also be increasing your competitive advantage by demonstrating real Green leadership in your region and in your respective industry.

What if I am an average citizen?

Average citizens can invest in energy efficiency and renewable power for their homes with a wide variety of options to fit just about every scenario and budget. If you pay taxes and you own a home, you can most likely make a very smart investment in renewable energy, usually rooftop or neighborhood solar. An experienced solar contractor can offer you a robust variety of solar options along with several financing options which, in most cases, can lower your monthly energy bill immediately, while increasing the value of your home, creating a lower carbon impact on the earth, protecting your kids future, and setting you up to own and produce your own FREE and GREEN energy plant within several years. There are new energy storage options as well to broaden the options of going off grid or dramatically reducing your dependence on the local power company.

What about non-profit groups like local government entities, colleges, hospitals, and non-profit organizations?

Even if you are a non-profit, with no tax liability to leverage and lower the net cost of your renewable energy investment, you can utilize the many (and growing) number of financial programs that bring in third party tax investors to share in the investment with you to bring down your overall net costs and reduce your payback time till you will be enjoying FREE and GREEN power. Many new companies have been providing compelling financial models to help these non-taxable entities Go Green cost effectively.

Here is an informative link:

Making Sense of the RE Tax Credit Extension (Renewable Energy World)

And a one hour documentary you might find useful:

Article by: Gerry Dameron

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