Sustainability Solutions Submission Instructions & Form


Submit a Sustainability Solutions Success Story

 Submitting your story makes your Organization eligible to potentially be selected for a Green Hero Award

Please use as many of the section headings as possible for your submission, using up to 1500 words and up to 5 jpg photos. You and your Team may use the form below to work on, edit and refine your submission until you are ready to send it in.

Use this Easy Link:   Project-Submission-Form

When you are done email to:

Your Sustainability Solutions submission will be reviewed and evaluated for possible inclusion in our upcoming Sustainability Solutions guidebook to be published in early 2018.

Winning submissions will be presented at the Sustainability Summit Conference  to be held in Maui, Hawaii July 9-13, 2018.

Thank you for encouraging other Eco Pioneers and Innovators to Submit their stories as well.

Help Go Green Culture to advance the Art and Science of Sustainability

Thank you for your submission and good luck!


* Go Green Culture Foundation reserves the right to edit, reformat, revise or rewrite any or all aspects or sections of your submission. You will be notified by email if your submission will be included in our non-profit publication or if your submission has earned your organization a Go Green Hero Award. By submitting your Sustainability Solutions story you cede all rights for said submission and you release Go Green Culture Foundation from any or all liabilities with respect to this submission. By submitting, you also grant full rights of use to Go Green Culture Foundation (GGCF) for reprint of your story.  Thank you for helping Go Green to advance the Art and Science of Sustainability.